Decked Out Articles: Avengers Assemble – A Cygnar Showdown Deck by Omnus

Privateer Press has officially named the 30 VP format and it will from hence forth be known as . . . Showdown. I felt it would be a great time to share one of my Showdown Decks, now that we can expect to see more tournaments and interest in this format. I have recently adjusted my Cygnar (Red/Blue/Purple) deck to be under 30 VPs, and I must admit that I am having very positive results with it. I have named this compilation of cards: Avengers Assemble. This is because the primary anchor of this whole deck is the Avenger . . . and I may have recently watched Age of Ultron. Here is the deck!

Captain Jeremiah Kraye {Red}
~Caspian Orders x2
~Stormwall x1
~Avenger x3
~Centurion x3
~Hammersmith x1
~Field Mechanic Corps x2

Commander Dalin Sturgis {Blue}
~Caspian Orders x1
~Rail Shipment x1
~Storm Chamber Research x2
~Stormwall x1
~Avenger x1
~Gallant x1
~Hammersmith x2
~Black 13th x2
~Journeyman Warcaster x1

Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo {Purple}
~Caspian Orders x1
~Gallant x1
~Centurion x2
~Stormcaller x2
~Journeyman Warcaster x3
~Arcane Tempest Gun Mages x3

The Goal of this Deck

This deck is designed to take advantage of cards that resource for both Command and War, so you can remove most if not all of the pure Command cards from the deck. Six of the Warriors in this deck resource for 2 War, and the others are all 1/1 resources. This allows the deck to focus on Rushing Warjacks and eventually building in a great turn with Kraye. To get the most out of this deck it’s really important to quickly gather the versatile resources so that you still have access to Command if you need it, while getting the pure Command cards out of the deck. When you draw the warrior or warjacks that resource for 1/1, you should try to deploy those immediately to keep the deck running smoothly.

The Detachments

{Red} This detachment provides access to 3 of the Avengers and 2 Caspian Orders, which is a huge boon for the deck. I also decided to add a single Stormwall. I didn’t feel like I could spare the VPs to fit in the other one. Showdown forces these sort of tough calls, but the Stormwall is not crucial for the deck so we can live without it. I also brought 3 Centurions, which provide a cheaper Rush option that the Avengers while also having a great Health stat. This deck has multiple ways to inhibit captures with abilities that lower your opponent’s power; combining that with 7 health Warjacks can be quite useful.


{Blue} We get a very diverse mix of cards in the Blue detachment. Another Caspian Orders, a fourth Avenger, and another Stormwall are all in the mix for the same reason that they are in red. But we also get access to a couple copies of the Black 13th which are an incredibly powerful Warrior for this deck because of their versatility. One of the keys to building a deck for Showdown is finding the strongest 0 VP cards you can put in. Blue gives us two copies of Hammersmith, one copy of Journeyman Warcaster, and two copies of the Storm Chamber research, which all good cards without VPs.


{Purple} This detachment brings lots of great 0 VP cards for the deck. 3 copies of the Journeyman Warcaster, and 3 copies of the Arcane tempest Gun Mages. But in addition to those you also get the other two Centurions and two Stormcallers. The Stormcallers may not seem like much, but they are a Warrior option that resources for War instead of Command. The same is true for the Journeyman Warcasters. These cards aren’t amazing, but they play into the goal of getting the deck to almost all War to fuel Kraye.


The Warcasters

Captain Jeremiah Kraye {Red} I have brought up this card many times already. His feat allows you to Rush Warjacks for their purchase price. At the very least it can allow an Avenger to Rush for 6 or a Stormwall for 8. But it is very easy to get to the point you can rush 2, 3, or even 4 jacks in one turn and just take over a location. The funniest thing is that they more I play the deck, the less often I find that I need Kraye to win. Once you filter out the command cards it is very easy to keep this deck flowing very efficiently as long as you do not hit a huge patch of only Command cards.


Commander Dalin Sturgis {Blue} I love what Sturgis does for this deck. He can be rushed for a variety of tricks. I have used his feat to pull a Ghetorix off a location to Pyromalfic and just let it die the next turn without triggering Ornery. I have pulled Sorcerers off a location so I can rush there. Sturgis is a limited release card right now because he was in the Kickstarter, but I expect Privateer Press will eventually release him by another means.


Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo {Purple} This deck can often struggle with high health cards. It just doesn’t have as much power as you might see from Legion, Khador, or Circle. Nemo is a nice choice to help break up a location when you see multiple Warbeasts or Warjacks. He definitely isn’t required, but I’ve been using him because he rushes for War and can help with high health problems (at least once).

2015-05-26 10.56.16

Playing Cygnar

The idea with this deck is that every Warrior in the deck resources for 2 war or 1/1. Which means the deck can start filtering out Command very early and be running an all-War deck after turn 6 or 7. This makes Kraye so crazy good and late game should be extremely consistent. It also helps that the deck has four 4/4 resources and it has 6 different Warjacks that resource for 2/2. Everything combined means that you can still rush Warrior when they come up, although some turns you can rush only jacks.

I also like that Stormcallers and Journeyman Warcasters purchase for 3, which means they rush for super cheap on Decisive Assault turns. This really helps mitigate the higher rush costs on Avengers and Gallants by providing some very cheap warriors to help the deck get two cards in the same turn.

This deck also skews health more than most other factions can pull off. Centurion is a base 7 health, and if you combine that with Gun Mages using Superior Range many opponents just won’t have 7 Power to destroy the jack. Additionally combinations like Black 13th and Gallant can accomplish a similar result with Covering Fire and Shieldguard.


Aggressive Cycling

Try to refresh cards with this deck whenever possible. In Showdown it is very important to dig into your higher VP cards like Stormwall and Avengers. Hammersmith and just about any warrior card is a good option to refresh as you look for the key cards in the deck. The Centurion and Gallant aren’t critical for the deck, but you don’t want to refresh too many of your Warjacks and risk hitting a string of your Warriors at the wrong time.

On turn 1 and turn 2, definitely refresh as much as possible until you turn up a Caspian Orders. It should be very unlikely that you do not get one in most games. Your other resource cards or a Stormwall are reasonable second choices if the card gods just don’t want you to start with a 4/4 resource.

Potential Changes

Allison Jakes: She is another promo like Sturgis that are not widely available, but she is a strong swap for Nemo. I go back and forth on which I prefer, but her +2 Health to a Warjack can mean that none of your cards are destroyed. A Centurion getting boosted to 9 Health to a Stormwall to 10 Health combined with Superior Range Warriors is a beast to crack.


Trencher Sharpshooters: If this wasn’t designed for the Showdown format, I would immediately put these in. But I think there are a few ways to adjust the deck to potentially include the two copies that are available in blue. The deck already benefits from Superior Range, and these just improve upon that already great synergy.

Cyclone: This is another card that had to be cut to free up VPs due to Showdown. Cyclone adds to the Health skew because of Covering Fire. It resources for 2 Command or 2 War, which is really nice for easing up the resource limitations of this deck. I have another version of this deck that fits in two of these, but every sacrifice in this deck is a difficult decision.

2015-05-26 11.20.18

Stormwall: I included two copies of the Stormwall, but they aren’t required for the deck. They are large VP sinks if you don’t get to them. I included them because it is just incredible to rush them with Kraye or buy them during a time when you can’t rush cards. The Stormwall is definitely a calculated risk to include, and I’ve enjoyed having them. But I can see why someone would cut them from this deck to make room for other options.


I am really excited to see what else comes out of the Showdown format. It has a lot of potential, and if High Command gets more convention attention, it is a great format to rotate with the Standard 1v1. I will keep building decks like this one and waiting for your feedback. I’ll leave you with one final bit of Avengers influence . . .

Gallant/Centurion – Captain America

Stormwall – Hulkbuster/Hulk

Avenger – Ironman/Warmachine

Hammersmith – Thor

Black 13th – Hawkeye/Black Widow/Nick Fury

Thanks again for reading and I hope these articles continue to inspire your deck building!


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