Decked Out Articles: Angels and Arrows – A Legion Showdown Deck

I’ve already published an article about playing this style of Legion deck in the Prime format, but now I want to cover it in regards to Showdown. I dropped Purple and added Orange, but I still feel it is a very similar deck concept. I actually like this version significantly more, and I’m really excited to play it in some Kingmakers. I may even try orange in the Prime Format.

I said in the first Legion article but I want to say it again . . . Legion is one of the factions that remain very strong in both Standard 1v1 and Showdown (30 VP Max), but are not the best in either. Legion is also very difficult to present something even close to “The List.” This faction has 6 competitive detachments, and almost every Warlock is worth considering. It would be very common to look at two Legion Decks and see more than half of the cards being different. So just keep in mind, this is just a deck . . . one of many that you can make with Legion.

The Deck

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight {Yellow}
~Guidance of Everblight x1
~Dragonspawned x1
~Archangel x2
~Angelius x2
~Proteus x1
~Harrier x2
~Longbow Archer Champions x1
~Longbow Archers x2

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight {Green}
~Guidance of Everblight x1
~Coalescing Dragonblight x2
~Archangel x2
~Scythean x2
~Teraph x1
~Harrier x1
~Longbow Archer Champions x1
~Longbow Archers x2

Kallus, Wrath of Everblight {Orange}
~Coalescing Dragonblight x1
~Proteus x2
~Nephilim Soldier x2
~Teraph x1
~Throne of Everblight x2
~Incubi x2
~Shepherd x2

The Detachments

Green Detachment: This color really anchors the deck, and maybe even the faction. You get a 4/4 resource and two 3/3 resources. Then you get two Archangels, which are the best Colossal or Gargantuan in the game. Add in 2 Scytheans, which most factions would kill for. After that, you only have 5 slots left and we are already heavy on VPs, so we need to keep that in mind. I went with our Superior Range options. Longbow Archers and one copy of the Champions, which both allow me to put a warrior next to the Archangels that my opponent can’t kill unless they break the AA first. The Champions are 1 VP but the two Longbow Archers are 0 VP each, which helps me get my VPs down. I added a Teraph and a Harrier to fill the last couple of spots. I would love to include the 2nd Longbow Archer Champions or the 3rd Scythean, but the points are just too tight.

2015-04-30 14.12.25

Yellow Detachment: This was easily the worst color in Legion until the Archangel hit. Now the two Archangels make this color very appealing. It does have a 4/4 and two Angelius so it’s definitely not a bad pick, but the other colors were just more appealing. The main reason I brought Yellow is for the two copies of the Archangel, a 4/4 resource, and access to Thagrosh1 as one of my Warlocks. After that I added more Superior Range, which left 3 cards. Longbow Archers and another Longbow Archer Champions fit very nicely into the deck. Also, Yellow randomly has a single copy of Proteus. At first glance this might not seem amazing, but Proteus is actually an amazing card for the low rush cost of only 6.


Orange Detachment: Now this is where I started mixing things up. Orange provides some nice 0 VP options. Two Shepherds, Two Incubi, a 3/3 resource, and a Teraph. As far as 0 VP cards go . . . these are quite good. The last 8 VPs of the deck are two Thrones, two Nephilim Soldiers and two copies of Proteus. These are all cards with Blight Gift, which really help the consistency of this deck.


The Warlocks

Legion doesn’t have any overly powerful Warlocks, but we do have a variety of strong options. It is very easy to have two Legion decks that only share 1 or 0 Warlocks. I felt this roster of Warlocks provides me with strong options that commonly want during games.

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight: Thagrosh is 4 Power, a sweet spot for breaking open locations, and his feat allows you to pick up a Warbeast card from your discard pile and put it back in your hand. If you pick up an Archangel with it you can actually net 1 War when you use Thagrosh. If you can rush Thagrosh for free . . . you can actually gain 2-3 War just by using him. A very powerful option.

2015-04-30 14.10.19

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight: Saeryn is likely our most-played Warlock. Most decks have Purple, or Green . . . or both. Her feat stops all of our great Warbeasts from being destroyed while she is at the location. Combine that with Superior Range cards and nothing is getting removed. Plus, she is 3 Power, and that makes her a great option for almost any Legion deck.

2015-04-30 14.10.41
Kallus Wrath of Everblight: I like being able to take two of my 0 VP cards and get them out of my deck; but you have to be careful not to let the Incubi just die outright and take your deck out of aggressive cycling. Kallus is the only way to reshuffle your deck. This can be incredibly useful versus Cryx and Satyxis/Feedback, or if you have to cycle away important cards during your first couple turns.


Playing Legion

This deck doesn’t have quite the insane resource potential without Purple, but it’s still quite good. You get two 4/4’s, three 3/3’s, and six amazing sub-resources (Archangels and Thrones). The primary goal of playing this deck is to combine Archangels with Superior Range cards. But it’s also about consistency. The deck has 2 Thrones, 3 copies of Proteus, and 2 Nephilim Soldiers. With 7 Blight Cards you can be extremely flexible with how you spend your resources. Consistency is key, and this deck can be one of the most consistent in the game.

Aggressive Cycling

I’m not going to cover this strategy in depth in this article. If you are not familiar with it, you check put the details in this article.

1.) Don’t cycle away Archangels or Thrones of Everblight. Ever.

2.) Avoid Cycling more than two of the Superior Range cards.

3.) My preferred reserves to have going into turn 3 would include Archangel, Throne of Everblight, Angelius/Proteus, and a low rush cost warrior or a Nephilim Soldier.

4.) It’s often a good idea to leave a resource in your reserves at the end of turn 2 so you have an option to buy it during turn 3. This is especially important if you are playing in the Faith and Fortune Winds of War. The 3/3 Resources are amazing for this deck, and it’s important to find opportunities to buy them. Most decks prefer to buy a 4/4 resource, but I would get the 3/3 resource if you have the choice. It really helps the math for this deck.


5.) If don’t cycle into 4/4 Resource or a 3/3 Resource, it’s okay to buy an Archangel or a Throne.

6.) Incubi are the first card to refresh when you have the option.

10712916_10204266021705617_1025144444766092081_n (1)

7.) Teraphs and Harriers are not essential to the deck, and should be refreshed before other cards.


It’s often very important to deploy some cards to keep Aggressive Cycling going. Longbow Archers and Longbow Archers Champions are generally the first cards I will deploy. Avoid deploying Archangels and Thrones when you don’t need to. There are still times when that’s the right call, but keep them in your deck as resources when possible. You should also remember to think about where your balance of War and Command is at within your deck when decided what to deploy. Rushing an Archangel while deploying something else from your hand is often the most consistent play.

Dealing with Trollbloods

This is a serious questions that everyone has to face right now. If you end up facing a “Trolls say No!” or a “Buddy System” deck, what will you do? Sometimes you win the roll to go first and you don’t have face Trollbloods with their locations (Invasion of Sul), and it’s a much more reasonable match. But half the time you have to try and deal with the denial, and still deal with Invasion of Sul locations at the same time. This deck has more options than it may seem, but you need to play it just a little differently.

Archangel: This beast is the key to helping you deal with Trollbloods. The first plan is to make sure you get an Archangel into your deck early on. Some turns you may even bank it intentionally. When the Trollbloods player goes for the combo and they Rush Mulg + Sorcerer, you can deploy the AA in response. Mulg + Sorcerer only have 6 total power. This means that the Archangel can destroy the Sorcerer and live to fight next turn. So if they deploy or rush another sorcerer, you have the AA there to kill it. This means that you can rush cards during your next turn to keep the fight going. This isn’t a hard counter by any means, but it does provide an option to help turn the game around.


Harrier: This little guy may not seem like much, but he can get around the cards with Rush denial. He is especially helpful at the Gates or Walls in Invasion of Sul.


Potential Changes

Lylyth2: She is one option that I heavily consider for this deck. Lylyth can help you kill Runeshaper Sorcerers or frustrating cards at the Narrow Streets.


Angelius: You can drop cards out of Green for two Angelius. But I don’t recommend it. Draconic Aura from the Archangel triggers before Armor Piercing. This means that all 4 health cards become 3 health and cannot be Armor Pierced. Angels are still great, but I found I didn’t like having 4 of each in the same deck. I feel like two is about perfect.

2015-07-01 12.53.00

Strider Rangers: This is the card is the one I really want to fit in, but green is so packed. With 6 Superior Range cards the Combined Fire ability gets even better, but I just don’t want to drop anything. The really isn’t much flexibility to free of VPs to get these in, but I could easily consider seeing why someone would want to.

2015-07-01 15.01.33

Blue Detachment: It would be very easy to drop the Yellow or Orange detachments in this deck for Blue. Green is way too good to really consider going without unless you really want to focus on Blight Gift. Legion is, without a doubt, the best faction when it comes to the combination of power and versatility across so many detachments. I would be happy to play Legion in a Kingmaker and expect to win. But you can make significant changes every event. This time I have 4 Archangels, but next time I may only have 5 Thrones and only 1 Archangel.


Thanks again for reading my articles. I hope you like this version of the deck as much as the prime version! And . . . Blight Makes Right . . . even in High Command.


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