RFP’s Subscription Podcast

Our subscription podcast is built upon both Seasons 1 and 2, a foundation of proven excellence over the years. But we decided to reach farther, to bring even more to the cast, and so added Matthew Ramsey (Goris) and Tim Black (Mercykiller) to the original hosts Emanuel Class (Bloodrath) and Charles Arrasmith (Omnus). The goal is to have an increased faction spread and perspectives in our discussions.

Every episode has an “Intro” of about 10 minutes, where we discuss almost anything we want. Then we do “The Forge,” where the hosts spend 15-20 minutes talking about what they have been painting, modding, or designing. We follow that up with “The War Room,” which is generally about 20-30 minutes of list discussion. We close out each episode with our “Control Area,” a free-fire zone where we debate and discuss a variety of Warmachine and Hordes topics that the community is focused on.

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If you don’t want to commit to subscribing, you can still pick up individual episodes for $1 each. There will be 40 episodes by the end of the year; here is the breakdown of what we have a released so far:


RFP: Prime – Episode 00 (Only available as part of the Subscription)

In this episode, we continued recording right after finishing the last episode of Season 2. We were fairly intoxicated and we talked about the new Iron Gauntlet Format. It was . . . amusing, to say the least.

RFP: Prime – Episode 01 (Download this episode for Free)

Our primary topic for this episode is a discussion on the merits and flaws of Divide & Conquer. Omnus breaks down one of his Zuriel lists, we hear about a new conversion project from Tim, Emon rampages into a new faction, and Goris starts explaining his ideas for Calandra.

RFP: Prime – Episode 02 (Download this episode for Free)

Our primary topic for this episode is the Active Duty Roster and the Masters Packet. But you can also hear Omnus start talking about painting Ret, a new Gunnbjorn list from Goris, Bloodrath starts a new mod project on Gaspy and Tim shares his lists for the TEP.

RFP: Prime – Episode 03 (Buy it here for $1)

Our primary topic for this episode is a discussion on the new objectives in SR 2015. But you can also hear us discuss the Kallus list that Omnus would like to play, what Emon is doing on his Goreshade3 model, Tim’s continued progression on Convergence, and some insight from Goris of his Calandra list.

RFP: Prime – Episode 04 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we review some of the lessons that are really sticking with us from 2014. There is also a nice mix of list and painting discussion.

RFP: Prime – Episode 05 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we talk about what makes a game of Warmachine incredible for us.

RFP: Prime – Episode 06 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we discuss Cryx in the current meta, and why this year is better for Cryx than it has been for quite a while.

RFP: Prime – Episode 07 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we each share which Warlocks and Warcasters we dread the most.

RFP: Prime – Episode 08 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we discuss the difference between going first in an event and taking pride in doing well in very difficult games.

RFP: Prime – Episode 09 (Buy it here for $1)

Goris takes charge of the podcast and gets us to discuss how we handle “mental tough checks” during a game.

RFP: Prime – Episode 10 (Buy it here for $1)

We try really hard to convince Tim to pair Axis with Lucant and we discuss the ALL-IN-ONE Army Boxes.

RFP: Prime – Episode 11 (Buy it here for $1)

We discuss Emon’s new list for Goreshade2’s Tier and Charles’ new list for Vayl2 (that isn’t in tier). Then we close out the episode discussing Tier Lists and their future in Warmachine.

RFP: Prime – Episode 12 (Buy it here for $1)

Emanuel takes the lead on this episode, and he wanted us to talk about our approaches to picking what to play in two list events.

RFP: Prime – Episode 13 (Buy it here for $1)

In our 13th episode we talk about Emanuel’s Deathjack mod, we tell Tim to stop repainting his Prime Axiom, Goris shares his version of Elemental Evolutionism, and we close out the episode with a discussion of Team Formats.

RFP: Prime – Episode 14 (Download this episode for Free)

In this episode we discuss our group painting project for Goris, and in the War Room we go over the ADR Thagrosh2 list that Omnus is working on. In our intro we talk about an epic birthday troll that Charles was involved with.

RFP: Prime – Episode 15 (Buy it here for $1)

The 15th episode has small list discussion about Lylyth3; afterward, we spend most of the episode talking about the Control Area, which is about Casual and Competitive players, misconceptions, and realizing what your opponent wants out of the game.

RFP: Prime – Episode 16 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we have some list discussion for what Tim, Emon, and Goris will be playing at Lock and Load. We only have an intro and the Control Area for this one because we wanted to focus on the LnL prep.

RFP: Prime – Episode 17 (Buy it here for $1)

The 17th episode is our recap of Lock and Load 2015. Omnus, Goris, and Bloodrath share all about the long weekend of gaming and drinking.

RFP: Prime – Episode 18 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we talk about Tim’s Aurora project, Omnus starts working on Epic Twins lists, and then we end the episode discussing painting requirements for convention-level events.

RFP: Prime – Episode 19 (Buy it here for $1)

In our 19th episode we are missing Tim, but Emanuel is back. We talk  about Emon’s new plunge into Circle, his Morv2 painting project, and his list combos. The War Room section morphs into the Control Area too.

RFP: Prime – Episode 20 (Buy it here for $1)

We are half way through the subscription series! This episode we discuss the RFP List Focus Series, Omnus painting shamblers, we skip the Warroom, and then we talk about Fashion vs Function for terrain and models in the control area.

RFP: Prime – Episode 21 (Download this episode for Free)

In episode 21, we decide to take the format of “When Nerds Collide” and do 4 Warmachine and Hordes problems. Hilarity ensues, laughs are had, feelings are hurt, and it ends up being a really fun episode.

RFP: Prime – Episode 22 (Buy it here for $1)

We introduce some new features in this episode. We play our first RFP Voicemails! We also talk about Emon’s Krueger2 mod, his Kromac1 list, and we then talk about the 10th anniversary Hordes Box.

RFP: Prime – Episode 23 (Buy it here for $1)

In episode 23 we talk about Omnus working on a Rhyas list, Goris working on a Jarl list, and the awesome of Croak Raiders. Afterward we have a shorter Control Area where we talk about using pre-release models in local tournaments. There is short blooper run at the end of the episode. It was a fun podcast.

RFP: Prime – Episode 24 (Buy it here for $1)

We are missing Goris and Emon for this episode so we invited Dallas from Trollblood Scrum to talk shop with us. We discussed him Grissel1 list, the Glacier King, and how the troll community has been responding to 3 powerful lists in the national meta.

RFP: Prime – Episode 25 (Buy it here for $1)

In our 25th episode we discuss Tim’s new Croak Raider- infused Hexy2 list and the Epic Twins. Then our control area is about the Axis Tier List, and how the meta may need to adapt to deal with it.

RFP: Prime – Episode 26 (Buy it here for $1)

The 26th episode of RFP: Prime includes a lengthy discussion on the subject of a rating system for convention level tournament play. This is one of our longer episodes (about 1 hour 40 minutes).

RFP: Prime – Episode 27 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we break from our normal strategy discussion to theorize on what sort of models we would design if we had the opportunity.

RFP: Prime – Episode 28 (Download this episode for free

This episode is our discussion on the errata and its affect on the game.

RFP: Prime – Episode 29 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we talk about the Hex Hunters for the Hellforged (the RFP charity army for Dark Omen’s Boost for a Cure event), Emanuel’s Kromac2 list, and then we talk about a favorite forum topic . . . the future of the game and the stock concerns for stores.

RFP: Prime – Episode 30 (Buy it here for $1)

This time around we are talking about some of our thoughts on the most recent Team Astra rankings, with some list chatter and modeling talk.

RFP: Prime – Episode 31 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we discuss the lists for the Finland team that won WTC 2015. Any Team Finland members that want a free subscription, just contact Omnus.

RFP: Prime – Episode 32 (Buy it here for $1)

Our 32nd episode has all four hosts on the podcast and we talk about the new models in the Devastation. It was fun episode.

RFP: Prime – Episode 33 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we are joined by a special guest Nathan and a surprise guest during the podcast. We talked about Boost for a Cure and Trollbloods. We focused on the new releases coming for Trolls.

RFP: Prime – Episode 34 (Buy it here for $1)

This episode is filled with Circle content both for the Warroom and The Forge, In the Control Area we talk about the different approaches to playing the Scenario Incursion.

RFP: Prime – Episode 35 (Buy it here for $1)

We decided to take this episode to talk about the Season 3 ADR and we go through each faction.

RFP: Prime – Episode 36 (Buy it here for $1)

In this episode we talk about the new Champions Format.