Circle of Orboros: The Leyline – Chapter 2 (Will Pagani Kromac2 interview)

Greetings Rune Carvers and Blackclads, Druids and Omnipotents, Chieftains and Bloodtrackers.

My name is Emanuel, also known as Bloodrath. Some of you may know me from the Podcast Removed From Play. Others may know me as one of the authors here at Hand Cannon Online. I’ve played nearly every faction and continue to faction swap seasonally.

Most recently, I have returned from my wayfaring journey and come back to Circle Orboros.

As always, I plan to chronicle this journey. In true Circle fashion, I seek the wisdom of those Omnipotents who are renowned for their battle prowess. I’ll be taking the time to put many players ideas, plans, and battles into an article series called “The Leyline.”

This article we will be talking about Kromac, Campion of the Wurm and I’m interviewing The Blackclad Overlord himself: Will Pagani!

Will has so many awards and accolades I cannot list them all here. However, Pagani was the very first person to win a convention with Kromac 2: Wargames Con Masters 1st Place.You can check out what he is working on currently over at Astra Gaming Team.


Emanuel: Will, thank you for taking the time to discuss Kromac2 with me today. Kromac2 is completely new to us. He recently released in the Hordes 10th anniversy promotional box. This article is being released before we’ve seen anything else from the book. We don’t know his tier, we don’t know what other releases may change his game. What about Kromac, Champion of the Wurm drew you to playing Him?

Will Pagani: What I love the most about Kromac2 is that he is a Man-Mode caster. To really know what this means, I have to reference Jason Flanzer. Jason loves to play casters that walk up the board camping 3-5 transfers with some huge defensive buffs and say “try and kill me.” This is exactly what Kromac does in every game. He is so different from every other Circle caster because of this, and he’s really a breath of fresh air for the faction. Combine that with the fact he can really get work done himself with his base P+S 17 melee attacks and his ability to gather corpse tokens to buy attacks with, and he really is a heavy-lifting frontline caster.

Emanuel: Is there any aspect of his that stands out that people need to know when considering picking him up?

Will Pagani: Yes. This caster is not for the faint of heart. He really gets in there and kills a ton of stuff, but this is very dangerous. You need to know what in your opponent’s army can kill you and how to stop it from doing so. This requires quite a bit of knowledge of the game and other factions – so play at your own risk! He will require a lot of practice before he really starts to shine for a new player.

Emanuel: Let’s break down Kromac and talk about where he fits in. We don’t need to get into quoting his cards or stats. I am more interested in what role you think the Champion plays in the faction, your list pairing, and on the table. Care to shed some light on this?

Will Pagani:

Role in the faction: Kromac2 gives you a really hard-hitting beast brick that that is also a defense skew against living models. Add in Carnage and your beasts become very accurate without Primal. Stack his feat and Carnage with Primal and you have murder-machines capable of killing just about anything in the game. When Druids of Orboros are taken with him, you can stack the -2 to attack rolls from Vortex with Primal Howl to create -4 to hit for living models within 4 inches of Kromac. This is incredible, as very few things in the game are able to kill Defense 18 warpwolves.

Role in list pairing: Kromac2 is finally an answer to Trolls and Skorne. He can deal with their heavies, not only in offensive output, but can also take the charge from both of these armies and be happy with the outcome. He plays a strong scenario game in central scenarios. I would suggest pairing him with Krueger2 as he answers Cryx and Legion, two of the matchups that Kromac 2 does not really like to see. He also excels at split scenarios, so you have an excellent scenario presence in both of your lists.

Role on the table: Kromac2 has a huge table presence. If you get within 11” of him, he will kill you. His MAT 8 and P+S 17 will murder most casters in the game, not to mention heavies. With Lightning Strike he can stay quite safe sprinting back behind a Druid cloud wall, or even just a unit of stones that move up to block retaliation. On his feat turn he can kill a colossal in melee. He really is just a combat monster that abuses Lightning Strike very well.


Emanuel: Now let’s break down some of the basics of list construction and cover some common pieces.

Will Pagani:

Beasts: I would say that Kromac2 cannot function without a Warpwolf Stalker. Any of the other beasts are really up to you, but the Stalker has to be in the list. Lightning Strike on Kromac is just way too good. I would stay away from Wolds in general as they do not receive benefit from his feat; there is a cute interaction with Primal Shock and the Woldwrath, though I hardly think it’s good enough to warrant his inclusion. I personally like Ghetorix, Shadowhorn Satyr, Warpwolf Stalker, and a Gorax as his battlegroup.

Units: He doesn’t do much for units. Carnage is really his best spell for them, so all I ever take is Druids of Oroboros. I could see some kind of infantry list that includes Warpborn Skinwalkers, or even Wolves of Oroboros, but I haven’t personally tried it.

Solos: The Wilder should be in any list that includes a Gorax and a Stalker so she can cast their animi. She’s also great with herding, which lets Kromac really spread out his army. I like Lord of the Feast with him because he can get places other models cannot, like to an Agonizer or the Krielstone. He’s also another instance of Terror.

Emanuel: Can you give me an example of a good list for Kromac2 at 50 points?

Will Pagani:

-Warpwolf Stalker
-Shadowhorn Satyr
Blackclad Wayfarer
Lord of the Feast
Druids +UA
Shifting Stones +UA
Shifting Stones

Emanuel: Let’s take it to the table and talk about the Champ’s game play. What percentage of his game is assassination, attrition, and scenario? Can you give me an idea of how he plays into each of those aspects?

Will Pagani:

  • Assassination: 20%
  • Attrition: 55%
  • Scenario 25% 

Emanuel: Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

Will Pagani: Kromac2 is one of the most fun casters I have ever played. He really gets in there and fights, which I love, and he has a very different style of brick than anyone else in the game. He’s a tough nut to crack, but once people get the hang of it I’m sure we’ll see a bunch of him on the table!




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