HCO Interviews with Privateer Press Staff

Over the past couple of years the podcasts of Hand Cannon Online have had various opportunities to bring on Privateer Press Staff to guest host. Each time it has been a unique and fun experience. We definitely plan to do more in the future, but we will continue to track them in this post for those looking to get a better idea of what goes through the minds of the people behind Privateer Press.


RFP: When Nerds Collide – Episode 3 with David Carl

HCO_DCDavid Carl (most know him as DC) was kind enough to join for some debate and comedy as we discussed some problems that face many nerds. This was possibly the best debate we have had on When Nerds Collide, and we are very thankful DC was able to join. Expect some laughs and interesting nerd discussion. But I will warn you that we don’t talk about PP’s games all that often.


Removed From Play Interviews Geordie Hicks

HCO_HicksGeordie Hicks was a studio painter for Privateer Press, and he tackled many of the beautiful models that we saw released in 2014 and 2015. He joined us to talk about studio painting, and he also shared some of the unique experiences that he went through to get the position and learn the craft, while also offering good advice for those looking to take a similar route.


Forgot to Feat – Episode 40 with guest host Will Shick

HCO_ShickWill Shick is a powerful name with the Warmachine and Hordes community. But in episode 40 of Forgot to Feat he takes a break from his PP duties to answer the nerd challenge questions and share stories about how he got in war gaming, painting miniatures, and eventually joining the Privateer Press team.


Removed From Play: Season 2 – Episode 24 with guest host Doug Hamilton

HCO_HamiltonDoug Hamilton is a digital sculptor for Privateer Press, and his infamy grows with each release cycle. Many fan favorites (and some of the most impressive models released in the last couple of years) have been because of his passion for the craft. Doug joined us to share his thoughts on the models he has worked on, future goals, and to share some insight into how he grew as a sculptor.


Forgot to Feat – Episode 24 with guest host William Hungerford

HCO_HungerfordQuartermaster and Organized Play Coordinator William Hungerford was brave enough to face the geek knowledge tests from the Forgot to Feat team while also discussing steamrollers and leagues. It was really intriguing to hear from Will about what it’s like managing the PG program. And for anyone that has met him, you already know that anything that includes his brand of humor is bound to be entertaining.