Hellforged 1: A Blight for Charity (Ravagore)

Welcome to weird world, where we turn the concept of hell-spawned beasts into help for folks that need it!

As some folks remember, I’ve been hard at work on a modeling and painting project that will be donated to a charity auction for this year’s Boost for a Cure event on October 17th, run by Dark Omen Gaming (benefiting St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital): an entire Legion Hardcore list for 50 points! “But wait, MK, wasn’t that called the Ironblight, and for a different charity?”  Why, yes, mysterious voice in my head that in no way indicates a need for serious medication, it was. But the concept of simply adding machinery and calling it Cryx wasn’t getting my creative juices flowing, and Dark Omen is a hell of a group of guys who are old hands at this whole “charity army” thing. Artistically, I started thinking how awesome my Crimson Harvest paint scheme would look on Legion . . . to the point where I considered selling off my Skorne and getting a Legion army for myself! After coming to my senses though, I realized I had a paint scheme in mind now, and a story behind it that inspired me more than “Cryxing Harder” 😀

Once more, special thanks to Adam van Camp for donating the models!

So I rechristened the army as the Hellforged, and got busy!

The following is the army list Omnus put together, to be completed in the following month leading up to the auction/raffle itself (not sure which it’ll be or how it’ll be run, that’s Dark Omen’s call; I’m just a grunt 🙂 )

Hex Hunters (max)
Spawning Vessel (max)

(As always, please remember you can click on pics for bigger images)


What better way to start the cavalcade of silliness than everyone’s favorite BBQ monster? I wanted to keep all biomechanikal mods in line with their purpose, so I grabbed my Grind boxes and rummaged around until I found the right pieces to represent a critter carrying alchemical nastiness that it can spew out. Some of you might remember the teaser image of the Ravagore I posted a few months back:



Well, here he is in his full glory, constructed and greenstuffed!



Mostly it was just a matter of sticking parts together and greenstuffing the gaps and hoses; however, I also added a nozzle for his flame-belching ways, as well as cutting a hand and extending it slightly because, well, I wanted to 😛

To the paintings!


I put down the primer and the basecoat of the skin with an airbrush; he’s  already looking pretty damn demonic. At this point, I realized that following my Crimson Harvest scheme slavishly wasn’t a good idea, and Omnus pointed out that black and red were a popular choice even without looking skinned for draconic forces. What else could I do to him? Well . . .


Initially I was going to just leave the carapace black and highlight it, while making the metal silverish and bronzish. But it just wasn’t grabbing me by the chintacles, and although I was happy with the molten look in the cracks and my OSL, I decided to go one step crazier. Time to flip the black and the silver on the chitin and metal!


 rava4 rava3 rava5

I don’t even want to go into how long it took me to get the scheme right, but the black was repainted a half dozen times, and getting the chitin-metal right was a bit of a chore to get balanced with the armor bits. Even the skin went through several stages, including the discovery that the same translucent red I use on the Skorne, when dulled down with satin finish, can add a lovely depth of red to the skin. Paradoxically, the flames were the easiest.

Remember, this army is heading to Boost for a Cure, so you could own this!

Good, Bad . . . you’ll be the guy (or gal) with a demonic army . . . for charity!

See you next time, when we’ll see the Seraph and Vayl2 herself!







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