Hellforged 2: A Blight for Charity (Vayl2 and Seraph)

Welcome back to “Damnation for Charity,” a.k.a. my brain!

Last week we saw the Hellforged Ravagore make his debut, in all his terrible glory:


This week we move on to the lady behind the madness: Vayl2, and her pet Seraph, Fluffy (or Spiky, or, as many others know him . . . Arm-Bitey-Ow-Stop-Help-Me).


The miniature for her is actually quite wonderful, and in my scheme it won’t be as altered as the rest of the army. The key to successful conversions is to convert because you need to for the concept, not just to change things. In that vein, I decided to keep Vayl2 mostly in her original form, although to fit with the demonic theme I’m going to paint her face as if she ripped someone else’s off and is wearing it over her demon form. To achieve this effect I’m greenstuffing a jagged line around her visage, and painting her crown as if it is instead the horns of a demon queen. A few bones added to her base with some texture, and voila, done!

evayl1 v2


What have we got in store for the winged terror? For starters, I wanted the winner of the army, whoever it may be, to have the maximum number of options (and it didn’t interfere with the conversion, unlike the bigger beasties). So I magnetized the tail and head.


Although for this article I’m only painting the Seraph portion, the Neraph head and tail are close to being done as well, and will be done before I send the army off to Dark Omen 🙂

So, how are we converting this thing? How about a parts spread!


As you can see here, the main body has received a bit of work, with the back plates largely being replaced by a smokestack and a metal hide. As I was putting it together though, I realized the stack looked too clunky, and went back to my Grind parts to cut off a smaller jack’s stack. One of the legs has been partially cybered up, much like the Ravagore. But the biggest change has been to the wings. I took a dremel to them, tearing gaps in the membrane itself and making the edges ragged, as befits a hellbeast. In addition, I cut into the pinions and joints to show metal rods exposed from battle damage, much like a Terminator on the sixth day of an oil kegger. So how does it all come together?


As you can see, the flow with the new smokestack works better, and the overall feel is maintained while giving the beast its own unique flavor.

All right, let’s get some paint on these things!



And several steps later . . .  (click for larger on the beast)


vayl2 vayl1

vayl3 vayl4




 seraph2 serpah3

 seraph6 seraph5


So how do the happy couple look together?


Let’s get the whole family in to play!


Remember, the Hellforged army is going to the raffle at Boost for a Cure, held by Dark Omen Gaming (benefiting St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital) on October 17th, so you could win it! Even if you can’t make it in person, ask around see if you can get a buddy or two who is going to buy you a few tickets; you could be the one to win this army, and bring hell to Caen . . . and all for a good cause!

Until next week, when twin winged shapes zoom in and try and pierce your armor . . .






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