Hellforged 6: A Blight for Charity (Hex Hunters)

Welcome to another installment of “you should put Bactine on that,” also known as the Hellforged! In this week’s article, we give the legion of the damned a set of magical teeth, and the beef for the pot: Hex Hunters.

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Let’s get cutting . . .




Or, in this case, sculpting! The Hex Hunters were always the most demonic and fitting to the army, but I still wanted to do more with them. So I learned to sculpt flame 🙂 The technique I settled on uses a pair of needle-nose tweezers (again, not official name, just my own terribad description of the tool). What I do is add a small blob of greenstuff around the base of the flame, then use the tweezers to pic and pull out in the direction of the flames. Sometimes you pull too much off, sometimes too little, it’s a very experimental process that each has to perfect. After the greenstuff dries, you will occasionally have very translucent ‘not quite gone’ sections, which are easily be cutaway with a hobby knife. Something was still missing, but I needed to plunge forward. Surely that won’t come back to bite me in the . . .


Hey look, there’s the flesh in progress, but why would MK take a pic right now?

Why yes, Church Lady. Yes it is.


They’re feeling very . . .  anxious. 😛  So during the painting process, I had a brain-lightning-strike-thingy; normal people call them ‘ideas.’ What does any demon force need? Moar horns! So after looking up a couple of tutorials, I did the smart thing and decided to follow my own muse and drill, baby, drill. I put a pair of pins in each head (including the Bather right now). This made them look like My Favorite Martian. Then I took as a small blob of greenstuff, wrapped it around the base, then pinched and pulled upwards to give it texture.

After that, it was back to the paint. And how did it end?



hexgroupside1 hexgroupside2 hexgroupback


I rather like how it came out. Initially I was going to paint the horns black, but they weren’t standing out very well. In the end, I decided on a dark red with a wash, and plenty of OSL from the flames. Let’s have some closeups of the loving duos!


hexduo2 hexduo14 hexduo16



hexduo8 hexduo10 hexduo11


hexduo6 hexduo3 hexduo5



hexduo4 hexduo18  hexduo19


hexduo17  hexduo13  hexduo21



And what would a week be without another group shot? Brace yourself, a big one is coming (giggity; click for larger as always):


Join me next week for the last miniature to be added to this army, the biggest and meanest of all: Typhon!







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