Episode 8 of Glory & Coin-The Warmachine Mercenaries Podcast

Welcome to Episode 8 Of Glory & Coin: The podcast of Warmachine Mercenaries.

Greetings to our patrons of bought loyalty,
What does a truck, a bad hard drive, a space duck and a small small kid have in common? Well next to nothing for all of those, but between a bad hard drive and my son less than 2 months until go time, I have been swamped. Thanks for your patience getting this episode out.

This episode is a might dated, but we do talk about all the good information that’s been released lately. All will be pertinent regardless of the time. Please enjoy.

Quick show notes:

Merc News: the errata
Roll Call: Harlan Versh, Victor Pendrake, the Ghordson Avalancher
Mercs with relation to the 1’s and 0’s
What’s on your painting table

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