Infinite Empire: the Voidgate Incursion

(Origin Story for my new Circle army, which will of course be filled with conversions as my armies generally are; hope you enjoy! 🙂 )


To my esteemed colleagues of the Strangelight Workshop:

Although it has been over two years since I last contacted you, I pray that you heed me. My long absence was due to becoming aware of my true nature, which by now has reached you through other couriers. Suffice it to say that I was on a journey of discovery, which has been brought to a sudden and violent end.

While exploring arcane rumors off the coast of southern Immoren my crew and I encountered a strange rip in the fabric of the air, a disturbance I have since learned is the mouth of what my captors call a ‘Voidgate.’ While investigating the anomaly we were set upon by all manner of creatures vomiting forth from it, bearing strange technology and speech. The leader, a massive creature that goes by the name Faro’kha, was intent on enslaving us rather than slaughtering us, so casualties were mercifully light.

I soon found the abomination to be capable of speech, and was surprised to discover it was a mere man who dwelt within the confines of something he referred to as ‘ur-flesh,’ a jet-black mutagenic musculature that covers both he and the mightiest of his warriors (see enclosed sketches). He has enslaved both I and my crew to be his guides for the land, and I have acceded, if only to gather information for the preservation of all the nations of the Iron Kingdoms from a threat we were previously ignorant of, the kingdom of which Faro’kha claims to rules: the Infinite Empire.

Communication between us is still difficult, despite the Kha’s surprising affinity for the Cygnaran tongue (does this indicate the invaders have originated from somewhere on Caen, and he has heard our speech before? They do seem to possess a passing familiarity with the continent of Zu from the questions he has answered; I implore the Workshop to fund an expedition to follow up on the possibility). From what I have managed to gather, Faro’kha and his people hunt Urcaen itself, enslaving and devouring the spirits there for their strange technology (a mesh of organic and metal science that they refer to as ‘Theogenics’). The Kha has even boasted to me in his broken Cygnaran of slaying a god, although when pressed it seems that he is referring to a being outside of our established pantheon.

From what I have gathered so far, the Kha has grand plans to assault one of our major deities in Urcaen itself, seeking to consume its power for himself. His insane plan requires the subjugation of a large section of the Iron Kingdoms, and, I fear, a massive sacrifice of souls to open a new Voidgate to the heart of a god’s kingdom. To that end, the Kha and his force have secured a hitherto undiscovered set of ancient Idrian ruins in the Protectorate’s lands. If the troubles of Ios have taught us anything, it is that such bridges are volatile and dangerous, in a way that we can barely comprehend.

I implore the Workshop to disseminate this information among the warring kingdoms; if Faro’kha is telling the truth, this ‘Infinite Empire’ could pose a threat not only to our physical world, but to our very souls and gods themselves. New Voidgates have appeared, spewing forth more reinforcements for the invasion from an unknown origin. I will endeavor to stay close to the Kha and his people, making myself invaluable, so that I might ascertain the threat in detail. I will send missives as I can through my ogrun servant, Orsch, who has managed to stay hidden while tracking the invading army. Despite his odd appearance and mannerisms, I assure you that my friend is no danger to you. I ask that you do not attempt to restrain him, as he is extremely loyal to me, and will return to my side no matter the causalities or techniques needed.

Yours in service,
-Jonathon Worthington, Strangelight Investigator


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