Episode 26 of A Thrall Life – ADR Season 3, The End of Cryx!?!?!

Welcome to A Thrall Life, a Cryx-focused podcast featuring the thoughts and opinions of Ryan Chiriboga, James Brannan, Tom Guan, and Sam Ross, plus numerous guest hosts who bring unique insight to the Cryx community. It is our intention to be a very focused, issue-driven podcast where each episode we tackle a single subject in the Cryx world and explore it fully.

This week is all about ADR Season 3, also known as, HALEY1 ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Inside we discuss the various Factions’ new tools that can be used to fight Cryx in the new ADR Cycle, which are many, because it ain’t easy being king. We also discuss PP’s love letter to Tom in the form of Goreshade3/Mortenabra ADR. You couldn’t give us Denny1? It looks like anything goes now man, so when are we getting Denny1? Hope you enjoy it.


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