RFP 2016: Episode 02 – Mordikaar

In our second episode of the 2016 season of Removed From Play we are discussing Mordikaar with a guest from Tyrant’s Handbook.

-Basilisk krea
-Basilisk drake

Max Cetrati with vorkesh
Max Nihilators
Min beast handlers
Tyrant commander and standard bearer

Focus: Eric Meyer

Host: Charles Arrasmith (Omnus)

Co-Host: Tim Banky (TimTheEnchanter)
Co-Host: Sam Ross (Susan)
Co-Host: Matt Ramsey (Goris)
Co-Host: Dr. Jacob Frelinger (Zombiepops)

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One Comment;

  1. Zach said:

    RFP ruins Mordi’s plan. Any of the casters with Shatterstorm are a bad time. I don’t believe this was mentioned but something to consider.

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