RFP 2016: Episode 04 – Goreshade2

In our fourth episode of the 2016 season of Removed From Play we are discussing Goreshade2. Here is the list!

Goreshade 2 (Heresy of Shadows, Tier 2)

Goreshade 2 -5
Skarlock Thrall +2
Kraken +19

Necrotech +1
Necrotech +1
Scrap Thralls +1
Scrap Thralls +1
Bane Lord Tartarus +4
Bane Knights (max) +10
Bane Thralls (max) +8
Bane Thrall UA +3
Bane Thralls (min) +5
Bane Thrall UA +3

Focus: Emanuel Class (BloodRath)

Host: Charles Arrasmith (Omnus)

Co-Host: Sam Ross (Susan)

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