Bonusode 3 of Glory & Coin – The Warmachine Mercenaries Podcast

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We have a special episode that we are just ecstatic about. We have a special guest that has agreed to come on the show. When we first had the idea of doing this, it was post-episode 9. We ended up whipping ourselves into a froth about how awesome it would be. We quickly assembled questions that had been on our mind for some time. This man is highly praised for his lore. He’s the man who knows all the secrets of Immoren, and has been gracious enough to give us his time. We are greatly appreciative to the King of Lore himself, Mr. Doug Seacat.

Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and listen as the Loremaster himself regales us with tales of Mercenaries in the Iron Kingdoms.

A special thanks to Doug Seacat. This was truly amazing. We had so much fun. We still talk about how awesome it was. The only thing about this episode that bums us out, is topping this will be unimaginably hard.

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Kevin Bryant aka Kevin B
Jason Lang aka StJason
Tony McCauley aka baronvonchaos
— With Special guest: Doug Seacat —

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