RFP 2016: Episode 06 – Thyron

In our 6th episode of the 2016 season of Removed From Play we are discussing Thyron. Here is the list!


Houseguard Thane
Infiltrators (Max) w/ E3
Battle Mages
Battle Mages
Halbs (Max) w/ UA

Focus: Matthew Ramsey (Goris)

Host: Andy Podell (The Mage Hunter)

Co-Host: Sam Ross (Susan)
Co-Host: Tim Banky (TimTheEnchanter)
Co-Host: Jacob Frelinger (Zombiepops)

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  1. Matt mroc said:

    Ive been a long time fan, and I like your podcast because it helps me learn about the game, and what potential match ups would be. That being said, I would really appreciate a brief explanation of a unit or ability it is going to be talked about in depth. For example, you talked about Nayle (Naile/Nail) in depth in this list, but as someone who doesn’t face much Ret, I don know what he does, and after listening to podcast I jus know I should throw it or surround with krielstone.

    In my opinion your best episode was vlad2. Everyone took the time to explain the feat, what certain models did, and why they worked.

    Again, I listen to this podcast to get information outside of what the players at my shop are playing at the moment, but often if im not already familiar with the model in question I’m still not sure what you’re talking about.

    Thanks and keep up the work. I enjoy listening every week!

  2. Brian said:

    I was really curious about some Thyron tech and man listening to the beginning it seemed like this list sounded great, all the positive talk and mentioning how it was more of a hordes drop. Then you got to match ups and it was like…who would you drop this against, “no warmachine really as my other list is just better vs the majority, no trolls, minions, skorne….basically I would just drop it into some circle and lylyth 2, but it loses hard to other legion drops”. Maybe I am missing something, but it sounds like you just drop your other list, Force Wall, into pretty much everything and this list is…just there to take up space and “scare” your opponent?

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