Episode 26 of Blight Makes Right – The All Legion Podcast

In our 26th episode we are discussing which Warlocks tend to use which units and why.

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Hosts of Blight Makes Right

We have three hosts for Blight Makes Right. We wanted to make sure we have insight from three very different metas. There will be guest hosts from the Legion Community on some episodes, but these are the guys behind Blight Makes Right.

Jake (Saturated Phat)

Alchemist JakeI discovered Warmachine whilst sojourning in Australia and I have been addicted to the Legion of Everblight ever since. I have been fiendishly modifying miniatures since 2003. I constantly push myself to new projects and creations. Many Legion models have found themsleves under my sculpting tool…Protector, Incubi, Typhon, Extreme Carnivean. My friendship with Omnus led me to guest hosting on multiple episodes of RFP but now I am eager to share my lists and mods with the listeners of Blight Makes Right.

Charles (Omnus)

omnusavatarI am a PG, and a competitive Warmachine and Hordes player in Seattle, WA. I wrote the Everblight 2014 Articles series for Hand Cannon Online, and the articles that preceded them. I almost always play fully painted, but I sneak by with some barely tabletop-quality drybrushing. I was lucky enough to win the 5th Intermountain Cup and the Templecon 2014 Iron Gauntlet Qualifier, which qualified me for the 2014 Warmachine Weekend Invitational. This also earned me a spot on one of USA’s 2014 WTC teams. Legion has been my faction through all of these events, and I want to keep representing my favorite faction. I have played most of the factions in the game, but Legion was my first, and will always be, my primary faction. Blight Makes Right.

Lukasz (Ullyxes)

lukaszI started playing Warmachine and Hordes in June 2012. I chose Legion as my faction and have never regretted it. I’m a hobbyist and I enjoy painting minis, but the thing that motivates me is competitive play. I’m always practicing for the next tournament and trying to hone my skills in order to beat my personal best, which is currently 2nd place at the Lock&Load 2014 Masters. I’m a member of the Press Gang and you can often find me running a tournament at GameStars in Langley, British Columbia.