Murder of Crows – Episode 19 – Smogcon Overview

Welcome to the nineteenth episode of Murder of Crows, a Khador Podcast. This episode it’s just me (Lee the producer) and i am reporting about Smogcon 2016 and i got to interview Privateer Press Staff. I got to interview Ron Kruise , Jason Soles , Mike Plummer and Doug SeaCat and I hope you enjoy the episode guys and see you all for the 20th episode hopefully…

Time stamps

0:57  –  Introduction

1:24  –  Update / Thank you to people

05:27  –  Khador news / Grolar tech

10:45  –  Privateer Press interview – Ron Kruise , Jason Soles , Mike Plummer and Doug Seacat

Murder of Crows, A Khador Podcast is a Khador centric podcast. We will be talking about a lot of different topics, from beginner topics to more advanced ones. This way we aim to have a nice spread of information and entertainment for all sons and daughters of the Motherland. We will release a new episode every 2 weeks.

The Hosts

Lee McAlpin


I am the producer behind Bleeped up Productions on Youtube, a channel dedicated to bringing you all sorts of gaming content. Not just miniatures games, but also video and board games. I mostly plays Warmachine  casually but sometimes dabble in competitive play. The Warmachine videos I make range from your standard battle reports, to wacky scenarios and event coverage. Find more of my content here: Bleeped up Productions

Marth Fright


From “Marth and the Machines” on Youtube.

a) which is associated with “DiceRage”
b) which is always late
c) where I do all the stunts myself (especially in the upcoming Season 5)
d) which is a one-man-show (and not run by Walt Freakin’ Disney!)
If neither of these scare you off – be my most welcome guest!

Adam Purdon


Healthy, mostly, and be fit, my other hobby is running in obstacle races and half marathons and one day I’d like to run a full marathon just to see if I can.

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