When Nerds Collide 2016 – Episode 1

Our 2016 series begins with a blast. Allie returns to guest host with Sam, Tim and Charles. Lets nerd rant and support @YouthCareSEA at the #MoxGauntlet @MoxBoarding

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Nerd Rants: No More Origin Stories, JJAbrams doesn’t understand Space,  Elitest Nerds, and Marvel Formula Cry Babies

Removed From Play is proud to present…

When Nerds Collide

We have 4 hosts discuss and debate nerd problems. Each host brings a rant. Everyone has a chance to share their thoughts on the subject and then the other 3 hosts vote “Legit” or “Whining”. We rotate out hosts for special guests from the nerd community for additional outlooks and personalities.

We are covering topics ranging from “Han Shot First” to “Smelly Nerds at my LGS” to “Rules Lawyers,” and everything in-between. We aim to tackle topics from all levels of nerd culture. Movies, Comics, Video Games, Board games, Cosplay, and Conventions. While the debate is important, we are also trying to make these episodes as funny and entertaining as possible for nerds of all kinds.

The most important part of this podcast is the goal. We aim to raise money for the various charity events we participate in. Right now we are support The Gauntlet and Youthcare.