Murder of Crows – Episode 20 – Bothersome Blue Mage

Welcome to the twentieth episode of Murder of Crows, a Khador Podcast. This episode Marth and myself Lee break down the Bothersome blue mage….. Also known as Victoria Haley. We discuss all incarnations of Haley and what you might see in her lists and how we as a faction can counter her and her tricks…. We also talk in Khador news about new model sightings and the ATOMIC BOMB Privateer Press dropped midweek on the community which will be unleashed in JUNE. We hope you all enjoy the episode guys and see you all for the 21st episode.



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Time stamps

0:44  –  Introduction

04:22 – What have we been up to since the podcast?

08:04  –  Khador news – Mark 3 , Behemoth resculpt , new Beserker plastic kit

25:00  –  Bothersome Blue Mage – breaking down Victoria Haley

Murder of Crows, A Khador Podcast is a Khador centric podcast. We will be talking about a lot of different topics, from beginner topics to more advanced ones. This way we aim to have a nice spread of information and entertainment for all sons and daughters of the Motherland. We will release a new episode every 2 weeks ( IF LIFE DOESN” .

The Hosts

Lee McAlpin


I am the producer behind Bleeped up Productions on Youtube, a channel dedicated to bringing you all sorts of gaming content. Not just miniatures games, but also video and board games. I mostly plays Warmachine  casually but sometimes dabble in competitive play. The Warmachine videos I make range from your standard battle reports, to wacky scenarios and event coverage. Find more of my content here: Bleeped up Productions

Marth Fright


From “Marth and the Machines” on Youtube.

a) which is associated with “DiceRage”
b) which is always late
c) where I do all the stunts myself (especially in the upcoming Season 5)
d) which is a one-man-show (and not run by Walt Freakin’ Disney!)
If neither of these scare you off – be my most welcome guest!

Adam Purdon


Healthy, mostly, and be fit, my other hobby is running in obstacle races and half marathons and one day I’d like to run a full marathon just to see if I can.

You can get in touch with us through the many social media platforms:


Twitter: @MoCPodcast




  1. Andreas said:

    I do not get how you discuss all the models as if mk3 not was happening?!?

  2. Lee McAlpin said:

    On the time of this recording se decided to stick to Mark 2 and one of our listeners Richard won the Welsh and gives a HUGE thanks for this episode to helping him win


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