Own a Mercykiller Army!

Hey folks, Mercykiller back with more updates from the Infinite Empire! In addition to the pics from the new Bradigus and Krueger2 armies I just finished converting, you’ll notice that I’ve also included a few others. Why? Well, glad you asked …

Each year the RFP team plays in the Gauntlet (http://thegauntlet2016.causevox.com/timothy-black) to raise money for charity. This year all of the proceeds go to Youth Care, a wonderful organization that provides outreach, basic services, emergency shelter, housing, counseling, education, and employment training for homeless young people.Last year our team won the Gauntlet, and this year we hope to repeat the feat by bringing the mightiest of nerd knowledge and tactics to the table!

To reward folks who donate, I’m offering the following for the kind-hearted do-gooders of awesome:

$20 – Choose a topic or have me say something on a podcast (“When Nerds Collide” and “Removed From Play: Prime” are where I usually lurk)
$100 – I will paint a single non-huge base model supplied by you for your personal collection!
$500 – I will convert and paint a 35 point army (Mk2 points) supplied by you into the theme of your choice! This can include Huge bases, of course.
$1000 – I will convert and paint a 75 point army (Mk2 points) supplied by you into the theme of your choice! Also includes Huge base, if you wish.

The highest donor overall will be able to choose a non-huge based model from their collection for me to convert and paint, in any style you want (and if your donation is over $200, bring on the huge-based!). This will stack with the Big Kahuna award of a 1k donation, giving you another model that can be either from another army or the same one.

Let’s get out there and make a difference!






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