Episode 13 of Glory & Coin-The Warmachine Mercenaries Podcast

Welcome to Episode 13 Of Glory & Coin: The Warmachine Mercenaries Podcast.

Greetings to our patrons of the golden motivator,
In this Episode, we shanghai special guest from RFP to help us talk Circle of Orboros. That’s right, the man who brings Class wherever he goes, Emanuel Class. We are pretty stoked for this episode. It makes me look back at the other ones and think, “I wish all of them were this good.” But with the advent of Mk3, I have a feeling we will need to revisit the factions in brief as the new meta evolves.

There is some fantastic information here regarding the faction as a whole and also strategies, and tactics from the Circle players to watch out for.

Quick show notes:

Main segment: Mercs with relation to the Circle Orboros.
What’s on your painting table?

Kevin Bryant AKA Kevin_B (the man with an outstanding voice)
Jason Lang AKA St. Jason (the Rhulic enthusiast)
Tony McCauley AKA baronvonchaos or Dirk Steel (the crazy one)
SPECIAL GUEST: Emanuel Class

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