Murder of Crows – Episode 21 – The Welsh Open 2016

Welcome to the twenty first episode of Murder of Crows, a Khador Podcast. This episode it is just myself but the episode is jam packed with interviews from the WELSH OPEN 2016. We talk to the tournament creator / Director MARTYN JENKINS and we catch up with ADAM BELL on all the latest with the WTC ENGLISH TEAMS and how in the future YOU out there can apply to be on the team. You also get to hear about COLOSSALMANIA and how i got on in the tournament too. So we hope you all enjoy the episode guys and see you all for the 22nd episode which will be more Khador related!

Time stamps

0:55  –  Introduction

04:53 – Interview with Martyn Jenkins (The creator of the Welsh Open)

44:25  –  Adam Bell interview on England WTC changes in applying to play for England

54:45  –  Lee’s overview of the Welsh and match ups

Murder of Crows, A Khador Podcast is a Khador centric podcast. We will be talking about a lot of different topics, from beginner topics to more advanced ones. This way we aim to have a nice spread of information and entertainment for all sons and daughters of the Motherland. We will release a new episode every 2 weeks ( IF LIFE DOESN’T TAKE OVER ) .

The Hosts

Lee McAlpin


I am the producer behind Bleeped up Productions on Youtube, a channel dedicated to bringing you all sorts of gaming content. Not just miniatures games, but also video and board games. I mostly plays Warmachine  casually but sometimes dabble in competitive play. The Warmachine videos I make range from your standard battle reports, to wacky scenarios and event coverage. Find more of my content here: Bleeped up Productions

Marth Fright


From “Marth and the Machines” on Youtube.

a) which is associated with “DiceRage”
b) which is always late
c) where I do all the stunts myself (especially in the upcoming Season 5)
d) which is a one-man-show (and not run by Walt Freakin’ Disney!)
If neither of these scare you off – be my most welcome guest!

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