The ScrumCast: Ep 10 – The BEASTisode! LOCK & LOAD!

Its Wednesday June 1st  and It is time to talk BEASTS! Time to talk about our warbeasts and how we think they fared in these early leaks. Please enjoy and get back to us.

Wednesday is the new official night for TrollbloodScrum Live! This week’s episode we continue our look at Mk3, focusing on units and solos.

Wednesday June 8th
Pre-show @ 9:30pm EDT / 6:30pm PDT
Main show @ 10pm EDT / 7:00pm PDT




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One Comment;

  1. Timothy said:

    There’s one change on the swamp troll between ‘Drag’ and ‘Pull’ – you no longer need to cause damage to trigger the pull effect. Which is baller 😀

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