Episode 16 of Glory & Coin – The New Contract

Welcome to Episode 16 Of Glory & Coin: The New Contract.

In this episode we address the insanity of the Chain Attack guys…all in good fun. 🙂 What’s a bunch of pirates without some friendly ribbing, right? We move on to talk about our initial thoughts on mk3 now that we have a few games under our belts. We get a chance to hear Kevin and Jason bemoan the state of Mk3. It’s not that bad folks. I’ve been on a ~9-4 win-loss streak. We’ll address some of our thoughts on making Mercs even stronger in the next episode.


Quick show notes:

Merc News: Chain Attack is out of their minds…
Main Segment: Our reaction and thoughts on mk3 after playing a few games.

Kevin Bryant AKA Kevin_B (the man with an outstanding voice)
Jason Lang AKA St. Jason (the Rhulic enthusiast)
Tony McCauley AKA Dirk Steel (the crazy one)

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