Bonusode 5 of Glory & Coin – The New Contract

G’day to ye swan huggin’ softies,
This be International Talk Like a Pirate day 2016. We bring ye all th’ best ‘ere at Glory & Coin. If ye have the mettle to brave the fierce winds and black fleet, this be an episode fer you.

Fer this episode, we delve into th’ vast and untamed waters to bring you secret but reliable information on trade routes and where the best piratin’ be done. Joining us this episode is the man who knows where all the treasure be burried, Mr. Doug Seacat – Sage of the Meredius.

Now qui’cher belly achin’ and have yerself a listen!


Quick show notes:

Main Segment: Doug Seacat regales us with the IK and it’s amazing setting on the high seas. A lot of good information from how things work with regards to shipping, pirating, cryx, and even some notes on the exotic island of Zu.

Kevin Bryant AKA Kevin_B (the man who always sounds like a pirate)
Jason Lang AKA St. Jason (the short pirate)
Tony McCauley AKA Dirk Steel (the one suffering from cabin fever!)