The ScrumCast: Ep 21 They didn’t give me a shirt

We break down Jarl! We get real jazzed and have a lot of fun making some lists for him. Definitely not in our bottom 5%.


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One Comment;

  1. MIke said:

    Great to hear a podcast which shows some of our lesser played Warlocks (Borka 2 and Jarl) in such a positive light. The only criticism I have is I was really hoping to get some tips on how to actually play Jarl, what his strong match ups are, etc. You mostly just talk about what lists you are going to use with him. Here are a few things so far that I have noticed that have been great with him:

    1) The Impaler and Bomber and Tactical Supremacy – Using either of these guys for far strike is great. Another great synergy is putting tactical supremacy on them is great. They can move up, nuke what they need, then reposition 3″ back to a safer location.
    2) The Knot – As mentioned its amazing with magic bullet, also helps in making sure Jarl doesn’t miss. It’s also great when combined with the Impaler. The few games I have used them together I have yet to miss or not get the crit slam. You can also use it on Rok to fish for those crit stationary on his spray. It’s awesome.
    3) Rok – Another great damage dealing heavy with the added bonus of his assault spray. One really cool thing is if you assault spray and kill a model or two he can move a few more inches before he actually attacks because of his field marshal. Helps him make better use of Bezerk. My standard BG is Rok, Mauler and Impaler. Works really well.

    This is my list and so far its been awesome:

    Fell Caller
    Dhunian Knot
    Max Fens
    Max Long Riders

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