Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Native American Skin

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This video is another in the series of painting skin, and covers the basic colours for Native American, or Amerindian skin. I cover two different colours and tones and the colours used for shades and highlights.
Just remember to use warm tones, and browns containing reds, and oranges.
When listing the colours used below, the number in brackets is the number of highlights used for each model. Each highlight and shade is always mixed with the Base colour. Simply add more of each highlight or shade for each subsequent layer.


Colours used:

Una the Falconer
Base – Idrian Flesh
Shade 1 – Sanguine Base
Shade 2 – Umbral Umber
Highlights (2) – Khardic Flesh

Female Indian Scout
Base – Bloodstone
Shade 1 – Umbral Umber
Highlights (3) – Midlund Flesh


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