Ghools’ Painting Tips – Pin-up Warrior of the Sun: Part 1

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This video is a new series I`ll be releasing every once in a while. These videos are much more labor intensive, and will release sporadically as time permits.
What this new series will cover, is a single miniature from start to finish, and I will talk about what I did and why. Some in-depth discussion on colour scheme, harmonies, compliments, and why I chose them get extensive coverage.

This session covers the skin, hair, and face. Not much is show of the face, as there are quick tips which cover the basics of painting eyes, and make-up. This video`s main focus is getting a smooth, soft and pale, anime flesh-tone with a very smooth gradient.
The method used in this video is more for advanced painters, as it`s pretty time-consuming and more difficult. However, it produces some great results for contest-worthy pieces. This is my method for getting a smooth, soft gradient on large flat areas of skin.

Part 2 will follow soon.

All colours used are Formula P3 paints by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise. When a shade or highlight is followed by a number within brackets, this is the number of shades/highlights to apply with each successive layer, by adding more of the listed colour.

Base: Midlund Flesh
Shade: Khardic Flesh, Bloodtracker Brown, Ordic Olive
Re-take base colour of Midlund Flesh to clean up shading.
Highlight 1: (2) Ryn Flesh and Midlund Flesh
Highlight 2: Ryn Flesh


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