Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Tanned or Oiled Leather

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A video that is by Patron request. I hadn’t shot a video covering the leather cloak that was on Thagrosh for my legion videos, and they asked if I could demo that. So here it is.
My recipe for oiled, or tanned leather. A simple scheme and technique that produces some nice, smooth looking cured leather.

All paints used in the video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless otherwise stated. When a number appears in brackets after a shade/highlight, this means there are that number of shades/highlights, with each subsequent shade/highlight adding more of the shade/highlight to the base colour.

Base: Bootstrap Leather
Shade (2): Battlefield Brown
Highlight (2): Beast Hide

Alternates: By changing just the base shade and highlight, you can achieve a great amount of variation in colour and look. Try GunCorps Brown and Rucksack Tan, or Idrian Flesh and Hammerfall Khaki, or switch just the bask colour to Bloodtracker Brown, or Bloodstone.
This is another easy one to experiment with. So have fun, and break out some of those browns you hardly ever use and give them a whirl.


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