Ghools’ Painting Tips – Pin-Up Warrior of the Sun: Part 2

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Part 2 in the Painting the Warrior of the Sun (pin-up) from Kingdom Death: Monster. I paint the streamers and the majority of her clothing in this episode, which is a rich, warm pink. Again I use my competition methods which are time-consuming, but produce great results.
Make sure you’re familiar with glazing and have good brush control before attempting these techniques. In order to build the richness and depth of colour, glazing is the primary method of both highlighting and shading, with a bit of two brush blending to soften certain parts.

This is a very time-consuming but rewarding method for getting a high quality paint job for contests and display pieces.

All glazes were made with paint and water. No additives were used.

All colours used in this video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise.
When a shade or highlight is followed by a number in brackets, this is the number of highlights or shades applied, with each subsequent layer containing more of the highlight into the previous mix.

Base: Menoth White Highlight
Shade 1: Sanguine Highlight
Shade 2: Skorne Red
Shade 3: Sanguine Base
Highlight 1: Sanguine Highlight + Morrow White
Highlight 2 (2): Morrow White
Highlight 3: Menoth White Highlight

As a final step to enrich the pink, you can glaze more Sanguine Highlight into the shadows.

The hair was glazed over a majority of the highlights with some Sulfuric Yellow, and the deepest shadows given a glaze of Beaten Purple.


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