Murder of Crows – Episode 24 – The Iron Wolf of Wall Street

Welcome to the twenty fourth episode of Murder of Crows, a Khador Podcast. This episode is a BEAST OF AN EPISODE!!!!! we have the NEW cast all back and we just keep going…. I thought we would never stop! In this episode we have returning segments of :-

  1. What we been up too?     2. Khador News   3. Our main topic – Building list   4. BREAKING NEWS   5. Comrade questions

With all that said guys we have an episode over 2 hours and 20 minutes, an episode jam packed with some awesome content and we hope you all enjoy it.  SO with all this Khador goodness in this episode we hope you all return for episode 25!

Time stamps

01:54  –  Introduction

02:50 – What we been up too?


37:20  –  Building lists and the levels of how to look and build lists


01:05:12 – Comrade questions – answering the listeners questions

Murder of Crows, A Khador Podcast is a Khador centric podcast. We will be talking about a lot of different topics, from beginner topics to more advanced ones. This way we aim to have a nice spread of information and entertainment for all sons and daughters of the Motherland. We will release a new episode when we feel comfortable and also when we have time.

The Hosts

Lee McAlpin


I am the producer behind Bleeped up Productions on Youtube, a channel dedicated to bringing you all sorts of gaming content. Not just miniatures games, but also video and board games. I mostly plays Warmachine  casually but sometimes dabble in competitive play. The Warmachine videos I make range from your standard battle reports, to wacky scenarios and event coverage. Find more of my content here: Bleeped up Productions

Chris Young

Long time warmachine player (Mk1). attended many UK events with a variety of success and armies (all but Cryx). Hopefully share my madness with you all and make fun of Lee and Rich as the same time.

Richard Beech


I’m a competitive (well trying!) warmachine and hordes player based in the North West of the UK. I love the WMH community and you can find me at most major conventions/tournaments and local steam rollers. I’m always open for discussing the game, lists, strategy so give me a shout or find me on the Murder of Crows podcast, or at the Team Inverted blog.

You can get in touch with us through the many social media platforms:


Twitter: @MoCPodcast