Ghools’ Painting Tips – Pin-Up Warrior of the Sun – Part 3

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Music by Jessica Sosa.
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The third installment of the Painting the Warrior of the Sun from Kingdom Death: Monster. This one is a bit shorter, and I go over the fishnet clothing, bracers, straps and bags. I also touch up the hair by adding some deeper shading, and more complimentary highlighting.
This is a shorter one in the series, and I will conclude the paint job in Part 4, releasing soon.

The main thrust of this part is to complete the clothing on the warrior herself, and to paint a pastel compliment to the pink on the figure itself. I will discuss the final scheme, and reasons for certain changes along the way in the final installment.

All paints used in this video are Formula P3 unless stated otherwise. When a number appears in brackets (X) after a highlight or shade, this is the number of highlight/shade layers to apply, with each subsequent layer requiring more of the highlight colour into the base colour.

Base: Trollblood Base
Shade: Coal Black (applied thin)
Highlight 1: Arcane Blue
Highlight 2 (3): Add Morrow White to Highlight 1
Glaze: Exile Blue (just in deep areas and the mesh)
Highlight 3: Menoth White Highlight

Glaze: Beaten Purple + Exile Blue
Highlight 1: Sulfuric Yellow
Highlight 2 (2): Add Menoth White Highlight to Highlight 1


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