Ghools’ Painting Tips – Pin-Up Warrior of the Sun – Finale

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The final installment of the Pin-Up Warrior of the Sun!
In this episode I finish off the base, and provide some soft, yellow OSL (object source lighting) around the lanterns she has hanging at her waist.
The base is finished in a gradient from deep blue to green to yellow. There’s also some discussion on the scheme and why certain colour changes were required mid-stride. Some more discussion and focus is placed on moving the viewer’s eye and creating focal points through colour and tonal contrast.

All paints used in this video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise. When a number appears in brackets (X) after a highlight or shade, that is the number of highlights/shades to apply with each subsequent layer requiring more of the listed shade/highlight colour added to the base colour.

Lower Tentacle:
Base: Cygnar Blue Base
Shade 1: Exile Blue
Shade 2: Coal Black
Highlight 1 (3): Trollblood Base
Highlight 2: pure Menoth White Highlight

Base: Iosan Green
Shade (2): Gnarls Green
Highlight (3): Menoth White Highlight

Upper Tentacle:
Base: Sulfuric Yellow
Shade 1: glaze Wurm Green
Shade 2: glaze Iosan Green
Highlight 1 (2): Menoth White Highlight
Highlight 2: pure Menoth White Highlight

Blue Liquid:
Base: Meridus Blue
Shade (2): Cygnar Blue Base
Highlight (2): Menoth White Highlight

Lantern OSL:
Sulfuric Yellow + Menoth White Highlight glazed in thin layers.

I used pure Menoth White Highlight for final edging all over the model.


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