Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Putrid/Rotten Flesh

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Some more flesh is covered in this episode. This time, it’s putrid, rotten flesh, on ghouls from Uncle Mike’s Worldwide.

This contains some more intermediate techniques, and uses a few glazes. Brush control and paint consistency are the main techniques to master using this.

Anyone with good brush control, and that knows how to use a glaze will find this method easy. Beginners wishing to push their skills further will find these methods to be an easy one to master with great looking results.

All paints used in this video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless noted otherwise. When a number appears in brackets (X) after a shade or highlight, this is the number of layers to apply of each by adding more of the listed shade/highlight into the base colour.

Base: Thrall Flesh
Shade (2): Cryx Bane Base
Glaze: Beaten Purple around knuckles mouth, wounds.
Highlight (2): Menoth White Highlight
Glaze: Wurm Green around wounds, eyes, face.

Open Wounds:
Base: Sanguine Base
Highlight 1: Skorne Red + Sanguine Highlight
Highlight 2: Add Ryn Flesh to Highlight 1

For a more jaundiced look to the flesh, you can add Menoth White Base, or Sulfuric Yellow to the base colour, or highlights.


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