Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Lord Carver: Pt. 1 – Skin and Hair

Another video following in the same vein as the Warrior of the Sun from Kingdom Death: Monster. The first in a series of videos where in which I paint an entire miniature from beginning to end.
This time is Lord Carver from Privateer Press’ Hordes. He is a commission to match the same scheme of my Lock n’ Load 2012 Master Craftsman winning Farrow army. All the secrets of that scheme will be revealed in this series.
This episode covers the skin, face, and hair. Next episode will cover the cloak, bracers, leathers and cloth. The series will conclude with the completion of the model and coverage of all the gold and silver metals.
These painting guides will no longer release to the public, and will be Patron-only from now on.

All paints used in this video are Formula P3 from Privateer Press, unless stated otherwise. When a shade or highlight is followed by a number in brackets (X), this is the number of shades/highlights to apply by mixing in more of the stated colour into the base colour for each subsequent layer.
Base – Trollblood Highlight
Shade 1 – glaze Sanguine Highlight
Shade 2 – glaze Beaten Purple
Shade 3 – glaze Sanguine Base
Each shade should cover a smaller area than the one previous.
Re-take the Trollblood Highlight areas that have too much shading, or to clean up any messy glazing.
Highlight 1 – Trollblood Highlight + Menoth White Highlight
After the final highlight, apply thinned Midlund Flesh to areas such as the nose, lips, knuckles, knees, and ears. Cover with several thinned layers, depending on how tender, or fleshy you want certain areas to look.
As a final contrast boost, you can add more Sanguine Base into the scars, inside the mouth, nose etc.
Base – Thamar Black
Highlight 1 – Bastion Gray (pure)
Highlight 2 – Cryx Bane Highlight (pure)
Highlight 3 – Cryx Bane Highlight + Menoth White Highlight
Base – ‘Jack Bone
Wash – Bloodtracker Brown
Highlight 1 – Menoth White Base
Highlight 2– Menoth White Highlight
Base – Sanguine Base
Then a dot of Menoth White Base almost completely covering the nail, leaving an outline of the Sanguine Base.

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