Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Necrotic Souls, or Magic

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The second quick tip in which I paint more of Zaal, the Ancestral Advocate. This video is all about those green, wispy, necromantic magical souls on his staff and in his hand.

A very easy method that uses thinned, but opaque paint and layering colours right out of the pot to achieve the effect. No blending, glazing, or experience required! If you can hold a brush, you can make your souls and necromantic magic look this good.

All paints used in this video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise. No blending or glazing was used for this method, and every colour was used straight from the pot.

Base – Wurm Green
Shade 1 – Iosan Green
Shade 2 – Gnarls Green
Highlight 1 – Necrotite Green
Highlight 2 – Sulfuric Yellow
Highlight 3 – Menoth White Highlight

If you wish for the souls to appear as though they are glowing from within, simply invert the shades and highlights. ie. place the highlights where the shades should go, and the shades where the highlights should go.


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