Ghools’ Painting Tips – Massive Darkness: Chests, Pillars & Bridges

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If you have never picked up a paint brush in your life, and wanted to paint miniatures, this is the place to start.
This video covers some very basic techniques which will lay the foundations of the Massive Darkness videos to come.

This is a guide in which you will quickly and easily get the board decor for Massive Darkness, painted. This first installment demonstrates drybrushing and washing, the two core concepts for anyone wanting to learn miniature painting. With a few basic colours, and shades, and a couple of cheap brushes, anyone can become a miniature painter.

Colours and paints used:

Agrax Earthshade
Nuln Oil

Formula P3:

Gnarls Green
Gun Corps Brown
Beast Hide
Bastion Grey
Cryx Bane Highlight
Trollblood Highlight
Menoth White Highlight
Cold Steel



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