Ghools’ Painting Tips – Swamp Bases Made Easy

A quick and easy method for great looking swamp bases. This is demo’d on a 50mm base, but it can be scaled down or up as needed. Of course, the bigger the base, the more stuff you can do and cram onto there.
I opted for a combination of functional and scenic. Nothing detracts from the figure herself, and the base and colour composition put the viewer’s attention on the model with the compliments and decor placement.

Supplies needed:
Cork tile – coarse chunks are better
CA Glue and PVA Glue
Epoxy Putty Mushrooms (Watch it Here)
Army Painter Tufts – Wasteland & Lowland Shrubs
Decorative Moss

All paints used are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise.

Swamp Water:
Base – Ordic Olive
Shade – Cryx Bane Base
Highlight/Ripples 1 – Thrall Flesh + Ordic Olive
Highlight/Ripples 2 – Add More Thrall Flesh to Previous Mix

Base – Thornwood Green
Shade – Wash of Umbral Umber + Thamar Black
Drybrush – Traitor Green
Drybrush – ‘Jack Bone

Stems (All):
Base – Trollblood Highlight
Shade – Bastion Grey

Base – Sanguine Base
Highlight – Skorne Red
Spots – Menoth White Base

Base – Battlefield Brown
Highlight 1 – Beast Hide
Highlight 2 – Hammerfall Khaki


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