Ghools’ Painting Tips – Flat Armour Plating

This is a complete painting guide on flat and rounded armour plates. I know a lot of painters have been asking for it, so here’s a 33 minute long demo of how to accomplish that!

This was originally a Patron-only video, and I am releasing it for promotional purposes. This is just a small taste of what you get when you become a Patron.


All colours used ar Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise.

Base – Sanguine Base
Highlight 1 – Skorne Red

Re-take any shadows or shading that isn’t intense enough, or in places where you were overzealous with the first highlight.

Highlight 2 – Khador Red Base
Final Highlight – Khador Red Highlight

Just edge highlight with the KRH, and don’t over do it with this colour, or it will start registering as orange. Alternately, you can use a salmon, or flesh colour, or even an almost pure white for your edge highlight. It will depend on how shiny you want the plates to look.


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