Episode 24 of Glory & Coin – The New Contract

Welcome to Episode 24 Of Glory & Coin: The New Contract.

Greetings fellow Mercenaries,

Episode 24 is hot and ready.  We wanted to talk about Company of Iron because we just liked the idea.  It’s a great game and there’s a lot of thematic fun you can have with it.  I’d love to see some people’s narrative 20 or 25 point lists.

That said, here are the lists we talked about:

Mercenary Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Hammer Strike

(Ossrum 1) General Ossrum [+28]
– Ghordson Driller [10]
– Grundback Blaster [6]
– Grundback Gunner [6]
– Grundback Gunner [6]
Ogrun Bokur [5]
Ogrun Bokur [5]
Thor Steinhammer [4]
– Ghordson Basher [9]
Horgenhold Artillery Corps [0(6)]
Horgenhold Artillery Corps [0(6)]
Horgenhold Forge Guard (max) [16]
Hammerfall Siege Crawler [18]
Hammerfall Siege Crawler [18]


Mercenary Army – 73 / 75 points

[Theme] Llaelese Resistance

(Ashlynn 1) Ashlynn D’Elyse [+29]
– Mangler [15]
– Mule [15]
– Vanguard [10]
Eilish Garrity, the Occultist [0(5)]
Major Harrison Gibbs [4]
Ragman [4]
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord [4]
Taryn di la Rovissi, Llaelese Gun Mage [0(5)]
Stormblade Infantry [10]
– Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard [0(5)]
– Stormblade Infantry Storm Gunner (3) [6]
Thorn Gun Mages [9]
Thorn Gun Mages [9]
Trencher Infantry (min) [10]
– Trencher Infantry Rifle Grenadier (3) [6]

The Ashlynn list is posted with some modulation from what we talked about because I liked our conversation. Can modulate from here or just throw in the Gobber Tinker and be happy.

Quick show notes:

Merc News: Company of Iron and unused models
Main Segment: My Halloween conflict. 
              "Get Marcus Welby!" The List Doctor segment.
Hobbying: Painting Tables

Jason Lang AKA St. Jason (the Rhulic enthusiast)
Tony McCauley AKA Dirk Steel (the man with the plan)

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