Ghools’ Painting Tips – Basic Principles of Horses

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This video sets up the basic principles and techniques to use when painting a horse, or anything with smooth, rounded surfaces. This tutorial can also be used as an alternate white, in which the final look is cooler, and starker than my standard white method.

I cover several techniques and methods for obtaining high table top standard, though the techniques can be applied to showcase models – simply add more highlight and shade layers for smoother transitions.

All paints used are Formula P3 unless stated otherwise.

Base – Trollblood Highlight
Shade – Greatcoat Grey
Highlight 1- 50/50 Trollblood Hilight + Morrow White
Highlight 2 – 25/75 Trollblood Hilight + Morrow White
Highlight 3 – 50/50 Pure Morrow White

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