Ghools’ Painting Tips – De-Mystifying Non-Metallic Metals

A painting guide that goes in-depth with NMM, and provides an easy to use workflow and methodology.
This is more for advanced painters, and those wishing to really push their skills to the next level.

All paints used in this video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise.

Base – Bastion Grey
Shade 1 – Pure Greatcoat Grey
Shade 2 – Greatcoat Grey with a Spot of Meridius Blue
Shade 3 – Add a Few Drops of Thamar Black to the Previous Shade
Highlight 1 – 25/75 Mix of Bastion Grey + Menoth White Highlight
Highlight 2 – Add a Few More Drops of Menoth White Highlight to Previous Highlight
Highlight 3 – Add More Menoth White Highlight to Previous Highlight. It should be very close to pure white.

A final edge highlight can be added to the corners and to emphasize the sharpest points of light.

A final glaze of Sanguine Highlight on key areas of the metals, where the cloak comes close, add some realism. By reflecting the colours around the metals, it adds that extra little bit of realism that will help really sell the effect.


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