Ghools’ Painting Tips – Twilight Knight Promo (Part 1)

This video is the start of a few videos featuring the Twilight Knight promo for Wrath of Kings. Since this is the start, I began with the flesh and hair.

The method used to paint the skin is that which I have seen used by several ‘pros’. It starts with a deep base, and you build the flesh tone with thin layers of colour.

All paints used in this video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise.

Base – 50/50 Mix of Khardic Flesh + Cryx Bane Base

Highlight 1 – Thinned pure Midlund Flesh

Highlight 2 – 50/50 Mix of Ryn Flesh + Midlund Flesh with a spot of Ordic Olive

Highlight 3 – Add a few drops of Morrow White to previous mix.

Base – Thamar Black

Highlight 1 – take back all strands of hair with pure Gnarls Green

Highlight 2 – Pure Iosan Green

Highlight 3 – Pure Wurm Green

Highlight 4 – 50/50 Mix of Menoth White Base + Wurm Green


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