Ghools’ Painting Tips – Wet Blending: How-to

I have been asked about this. A LOT.

So, since it’s a hot topic, and it’s really cold and dry in most places, what better time to release a video on wet blending I say.

Pretty basic stuff, and something you might want to try if you’re having any difficulties with two brush blending. Or, if your climate is particularly dry, and/or hot, this is something worth trying out.

The method works particularly well for flesh, and other slightly translucent materials and surfaces. Smaller areas won’t be any easier than 2BB with this method, but it does help with the larger, featureless surfaces.

All paints used are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise.

Mix all colours with either a drop or two of water and a retarder/slow dry, or 2 drops of glaze medium. Your paints should be the consistency of a thick glaze, and semi-translucent.

Base – Ryn Flesh
Shade- Khardic Flesh + a few drops of Thornwood Green
Highlight – Morrow White


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