Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Guide: Swamp Siren

The full painting guide for the first Minicrate miniature from Privateer Press, the Swamp Siren.
This is the complete process, excepting the base. But, that video is linked at the end of this one.

All paints used in this video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press, unless stated otherwise.

Base – Thrall Flesh + Trollblood Highlight
Shade 1- add a Few Drops of Greatcoat Grey
Shade 2 – Add More Greatcoat Grey
Highlight 1 – Add Menoth White Highlight to Base Mix
Highlight 2 – Add More Menoth White Highlight

Tentacle Webbing:
Base – Trollblood Highlight
Shade 1 – Wash Coal Black
Shade 2 – Thinned Thamar Black
Highlight – Midlund Flesh + Greatcoat Grey
Glaze Sanguine Highlight over highlights.

Base – Thamar Black + Beaten Purple
Highlight 1 – Beaten Purple
Highlight 2 – Underbelly Blue + Beaten Purple
Highlight 3 – Add More Underbelly Blue to Previous Mix.
Glaze Exile Blue into shadows and crevices.

Base – Midlund Flesh + Beaten Purple
Shade 1 – Thinned Sanguine Highlight
Shade 2 – Beaten Purple
Shade 3 – Thamar Black + Beaten Purple
Add more glazes of the final shade until desired contrast and depth is achieved.

Add texture with Beaten Purple + Ryn Flesh, and highlight that by adding in more Ryn Flesh.
Glaze over the bright texture with Beaten Purple to sink it under the skin.

Baby Swamp Horror:
Base – Midlund Flesh + Murderous Magenta
Tentacle Shade – Murderous Magenta
Tentacle Highlight – Ryn Flesh + Murderous Magenta
Carapace Shade – Thamar Black + Beaten Purple
Carapace Highlight – Beaten Purple + Frostbite


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