Ghools’ Painting Tips – Easy Vampiric, or Pale Skin/Flesh

This video focuses on some paler kinds of flesh, and I make use of some of the new Formula P3’s that released with the Grymkin.

Some easy steps, and guidelines to follow when painting female flesh in particular, and general practices to use when painting the female form in miniature.

All paints used in this video are Formula P3 unless otherwise stated.

Base – 75/25 Ryn Flesh + Trollblood Highlight
Shade 1 – add a few drops of Sanguine Base to Base mix
Shade 2 – add one or two small drops of Bog Moss to Shade 1
Highlight 1 – Add a few drops of Sickly Skin to Base mix
Highlight 2 – add several more drops of Sickly Skin to Highlight 1


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