Ghools’ Painting Tips – Laquered Armour (Skorne)

An older video from when I had first switched my format to include real time painting, and more commentary. The original Patreon release for this video way back in May 2017.

This is a complete guide to painting all that filigree found all over both Skorne and Protectorate models.

All paints and inks used in this video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise.

Base – Rhulic Gold
Shade 1 – 50/50 Matte Medium + Water + 2 drops Brown Ink + 1 drop Turquoise Ink
Laquer – 50/50 Matte Medium + Water + a few drops Skorne Red + a drop of Red Ink
Highlight 1 – 50/50 Rhulic Gold + Solid Gold
Black lining – Thinned 75/25 Umbral Umber + Coal Black
Highlight 2 – Highlight 1 + Radiant Platinum


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