Episode 25 of Glory & Coin – The New Contract

Welcome to Episode 25 Of Glory & Coin: The New Contract.

Greetings fellow Mercenaries,

Twenty-five episodes and we haven’t lost you yet.  That said, it may be good to have a bunch of new episodes.  That’s the plan anyways.

Big talk here about how crucible guard may fit in with options in the Llaelese resistance.  The Toro is finally coming!  That and Rocketmen and Ashlynn are going to be hilarious.

Quick show notes:

Merc News: A whole lot of nothing at the moment.
Main Segment: Lamenting Merc models that fall short. 
              The Llaelese resistance and Crucible guard initial thoughts
              List discussions in dealing with Bradigus
Hobbying: Painting Tables

Jason Lang AKA St. Jason (the Rhulic enthusiast)
Tony McCauley AKA Dirk Steel (the man with the plan)

Questions are always welcome
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