Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Make-Up

A quick little video that teaches the painter some tips for painting make-up. When you need a sultry or seductive look for your female miniatures, make-up always helps.

This requires a steady hand, but as long as you can apply thin paint, and hold the brush still, any painter can do this.

All paints used are Formula P3 by Privateer Press, unless stated otherwise.

Base – 75/25 Sanguine Base + Ryn Flesh
Highlight 1 Add a few drops of Morrow White to the Base
Highlight 2 – Add a few more drops of Morrow White to Highlight 1

Cheek Blush:
Mix a thin glaze of a 75/25 mix of Ryn Flesh + Sanguine Highlight

Mix a thin glaze of a 75/25 Mix of Ryn Flesh + Bastion Grey
Inner Eye – Add a few drops of Meredius Blue to the previous mix.

If the skin is darker, lighter, or a different colour, use your base flesh colour to mix in with the various colours.
Experiment a bit, as make-up can be used to create more or less contrast, and intensify, and create colour harmonies.


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