Ghools Painting Tips – Fyanna, Torment of Everblight

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This is something from last year that was originally for Patrons only – a complete painting guide for Fyanna, Torment of Everblight.

I have already covered Legion skin, and carapace in quick tips. But, I re-iterate that information and methods here for convenience. One step changes in the skin for a female – I don’t go as dark with the shading.

Using these colours will get you a result that is very close to the PP studio scheme.

All colours used in this video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise. When a shade or highlight appears with a bracket (X) following it that contains a number, that is the number of shade/highlights to apply. Each shade/highlight layer will contain more of the listed colour mixed with the base colour.

Base – Frostbite
Shade 1 – Underbelly Blue
Shade 2 – 50/50 Underbelly Blue + Greatcoat Grey
Shade 3 – 25/75 Underbelly Blue + Greatcoat Grey
Re-take and clean up the highlights with pure Frostbite.
Highlight 1 – Frostbite + Morrow White

Selective glazes of Sanguine Highlight on areas around horns, and protruding carapace bits.

Base of Beaten Purple and the bottom lip highlighted with Frostbite added.

Base – Thamar Black
Highlight 1 – Beaten Purple
Highlight 2 – Trollblood Base + Beaten Purple
Highlight 3 (2) – add Morrow White to above mix.

Base – Battlefield Brown
Highlight 1 – pure Gun Corps Brown
Shade – pure Umbral Umber
Highlight 2 – pure Rucksack Tan

Base – Thamar Black
Highlight 1 – pure Umbral Umber
Highlight 2 – pure Bootstrap Leather
Highlight 3 – 50/50 ‘Jack Bone + Bootstrap Leather

Base – Thamar Black
Highlight 1 – Coal Black
Highlight 2 – 75/25 Coal Black + Frostbite
Highlight 3 – 50/50 Coal Black + Frostbite
Highlight 4 – 25/75 Coal Black + Frostbite (single line edging)

Base – Cold Steel
Shade 1 – wash of Greatcoat Grey
Shade 2 – wash of Coal Black
Shade 3 – wash of Coal Black + Thamar Black
Highlight – pure Radiant Platinum

Re-take all of the armour trim with Thamar Black and edge highlight it, and the rivets with pure Radiant Platinum.


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